Dan Rowe – Web Analytics Ninja & Jedi Wannabe

Posted by Dan Rowe on August 16, 2013

He’s a Salem, Oregon-born biochemist with a background in pharmaceutical manufacturing and a love for complex systems. He’s a true blue Northwesterner, webbed feet and all. He’s the father of four – count ’em – four kids under age six. He’s a fan of Wolverine and Star Wars, respectively. His official title at Analytics Pros is Digital Analytics Specialist. This is Dan Rowe in a nutshell.
Dan Rowe

The Back Story

Dan graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in biochemistry. He put that to good use working for Seattle Biomedical Research Institute, a non-profit organization formed to research diseases affecting third world countries. Dan also spent time at CMC Biologics, where he manufactured medical drugs on a pilot scale for other companies. Then he landed his dream job right here at Analytics Pros.

The Credentials

Dan’s track record is littered with examples of his inherent do-gooder side. He wanted to continue working in a field that had a direct and discernible impact on people’s lives. Fortunately, as our digital analytics specialist extraordinaire, Dan has the opportunity to make someone’s website experience downright enjoyable instead of unbearably frustrating. As a bonus, he gets a kick out of navigating and conquering complex systems, so figuring out what drives people as they interact with a company’s online presence is right up his alley.

The Job Description

So what does a digital analytics specialist actually do, anyway? Dan does a lot of, well, analyzing. He’s not intimidated by data tables with incomprehensible numbers packed into hundred of thousands of rows. No, Dan actually excels at wrangling those rows into non-scary, highly usable information. He also does a lot of AB testing, mostly with Optimizely, which gives him a platform for gauging and analyzing people’s reactions to various parts of a website. Dan does all of this magnificently. But where he really shines is with Google Tag Manager, a tool used to consolidate and simplify site tagging and tag manipulation, which he worked on before its public launch. Plus, Dan can always be counted on for a riveting comparison of the Star Wars prequels and the original trilogy.

Yes, Dan wears many hats around here, but he handles it all with ease. He’s an expert multi-tasker, after all. Did we mention he has twins? Twins, a three-year old and a five-month old. Enough said, right?