Thank You

As the time for stretchy pants and family feasting approaches, we wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the clients, friends, team members, vendors, partners, conference participants and everyone else that has made this year great.

Thank you. We are deeply grateful for the following:

  1. Conversations: Whether with attendees at a BEST conference, during internal brainstorming sessions or in planning sessions with clients, we have loved the conversations we’ve had.
  2. Growth: We’ve added members to our team, clients to our rosters and children to our families. We are grateful for each and every one.
  3. Innovation: From last Thanksgiving until now, the technology of Google Analytics has grown by leaps and bounds. These innovations have allowed for a level creativity within our teams, clients and partners that has us, to put it technically, stoked.
  4. Opportunity: There are exciting possibilities ahead, some of which we are already working on and some of which are still just a twinkle of an idea. One thing is for sure: if 2013 was a year of growth in the foundational technology, 2014 will be a year of taking those advances and turning them into amazing opportunities for measurement and serving customers.
  5. Whiteboards and Coffee: Without them we would be lost.

But we’re not done yet. Join us for our remaining 2013 events, detailed below.

Webinar: Giving Thanks For our Three Favorite Google Analytics Reports
Presented By: Justin Spencer
10am – 11am Pacific

GAIQ Training and Certification
Presented By: Caleb Whitmore
New York, NY
December 12, 2013
8am – 5:30pm
More Information and Registration

We are also taking suggestions for our 2014 blogging schedule – what are your biggest problems, dreams, questions? How can we help you grow as a digital measurement professional (a.k.a. data geek) next year? Submit your thoughts to

We are excited about the conversations, growth, opportunity and community ahead of us; thanks for being a part of it!

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