In-Housing Is Hot Right Now. Here’s Why.

Marketing Land recently interviewed our CEO Clint Tasset for its article, “Why clients in-house and what agencies can (and can’t) do about it”. Clint, along with the Drum Agency’s Todd Silverstein and SCOUT’s Cheryl Maher, provided his experiences, predictions for the future and recommendations to agencies in this period of in-housing transition.

Read the article to hear the experts’ opinions on:

  • Why in-housing happens
  • Which services are more prone to be taken in-house
  • In-housing trend correlations
  • The long-term effect of in-housing
  • How to safeguard against the trend

Additionally, Clint recently wrote an in-housing article for Marketing Land: “The in-housing trend is all about data”. In it, he shares that “in-housing is actually about transparency and ownership of data.” He discusses the transforming agency model and shares how data needs to be at the center of strategies, helping inform campaigns and creative. Clint wrote, “The better teams can collaborate and leverage the ‘art and science’ disciplines, the more effective they will be.

According to Clint, “It’s time to open the possibilities on the entire marketing stack and give tech providers, agencies and brands the visibility and transparency for both media buying and measurement so that everyone is working from the same view.”

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