Meet the New Face of Analytics Pros

Today is an exciting day for us at Analytics Pros. We have spent the last few months assessing who we are in an effort to remain focused in an increasingly complex industry (and world). Why are we so intent on finding great data? Why do we get up every day to ask questions and plan implementations? Why is it so hard for us to close our laptops and walk away from the potential insights that lay within the numbers?

It’s simple. Because data helps us understand the increasingly digital world around us.

Solving Human Problems

At its core, data is the measurement of human interaction. It is the click that sends flowers halfway around the globe to “The World’s Best Mom.” It is the Like for the YouTube video of your daughter’s first steps. It is the “Book Flight” button for your honeymoon vacation to Fiji. Data isn’t just numbers, it is the story of us. The more we understand it, the more we understand each other.

Never has our ability to collect data been greater. We have mountains of information at our fingertips twenty-four hours a day, but data outside of its human context is meaningless—and confusing. Data requires careful analysis and interpretation so that we might better live in, experience, and interpret the world around us. And more importantly, it requires the wisdom to turn that knowledge into actions that change our behaviors, improve our lives, and solve human problems.

That is why we do what we do.

To better represent that purpose, we have redesigned our brand and wanted to give you an introduction. We hope that our joy in using data to solve human problems is contagious.

Meet Thales.

ThalesThales (620 BCE – 546 BCE) was the first Greek philosopher to combine his interests in the natural world with an understanding of science and data. Instead of just accepting the world as it was, he sought to understand why. Considered the father of the scientific method, he began using math to solve common problems, such as understanding how far a ship was from the shore. He is reported to have been a wise businessman and thoughtful leader. Some reports also indicate that he died in his 70s while competing in the Olympics, a story that we will gladly embrace.

We chose Thales for our logo not only because he represents history, depth, and authority, but also because of his humanity. He puts a face on what is traditionally defined by charts, graphs, and spreadsheets. He also illustrates how data has been shaping human thought and behavior for millennia.

Ultimately, your organization exists to solve a problem for your customers – the human problems that your customers face. We are in business to help you do this better by using data to gain insight and take wise actions that lead to valuable outcomes. Thank you for giving us that opportunity and we look forward to continuing our work with you.


Caleb Whitmore, Principal & Founder


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