Access DMA, Affiliation, Second Page, Exit Page and More in Google Analytics

Note: Dimensionator is phasing out as it doesn’t work with the “new” version of Google Analytics.  IF you love Dimensionator and want to see it re-incarnated, let us know on Twitter!

For access to DMA data read our new(er) post on DMA in Google Analytics.

Resistance is Futile in 2010 with Dimensionator

I’m very excited to announce the release of a new Google Analytics enhancement tool by Analytics Pros I’m calling “Dimensionator.” If you know your sci-fi you should already be upset that I’ve mised the Borg and Terminator in my post title – but hey, they both involve machines, and it got you interested, right?

So, just what is “Dimensionator”?

It’s a bookmarklet-based tool that provides access to extra dimensions within Google Analytics, as well as universal access to standard dimensions. To use the dimensionator tool go to the application page and follow the instructions. Starting over three years ago I began discovering the extra dimensions that aren’t listed in the Google Analytics dimensions list. I setup individual bookmarklets in my favorite browser for each dimension, but that made dozens of bookmarklets that weren’t usable in other browsers or from other computers.

Dimensionator is the first component of a platform we’re building called the Analytics Toolbar(let) from Analytics Pros.

How Dimensionator Works

Dimensionator achieves a similar result to the modified dimensions list from the Google Analytics Report Enhancer by ROI Revolution, except it

  • It works in any browser, not just Firefox
  • Doesn’t require any extra browser extension or plugin to work
  • Is always up-to-date since nothing is installed on your local computer

Dimensionator’s simple bookmarklet loads a specialized JavaScript library when it is clicked. That library provides the extra Dimension links when activated.

Current features of Dimensionator

At present Dimensionator is in version 0.9 beta. What does that mean? It means we’re still working on it and there is more excitement to come! At this point in time Dimensionator provides access to the following unlisted and standard dimensions:

  • Market/DMA (Designated Marketing Area) unlisted
  • Affiliation (E-commerce field) unlisted
  • Region (State/Province) regular, but unlisted in some reports
  • Page (page URL) regular, but unlisted in some reports
  • Page Title regular, but unlisted in some reports
  • Second Page Viewed unlisted
  • Exit Page unlisted


Dimensionator actived overlay example

Examples of using Dimensionator

Using the Dimensionator is pretty easy.

  1. First, install the bookmarklet from the application page.
  2. Once installed, you’ll be able to click the “Analytics Pros Toolbar(let)” link on your links bar in your browser.
  3. When clicked, the bookmarklet will load the toolbarlet and display the Dimension options.
  4. You can apply any of the available dimensions to the primary, secondary, or pivot table dimension views in Google Analytics.

Dimensionator reporting geographic DMA in Google Analytics

Here’s an example of using the DMA dimension to report US-based website traffic from DMA (direct marketing area) rather than by City or State as Google Analytics standard dimensions limit you to.


example of DMA report using Dimensionator

Dimensionator reporting Page Title and Page URL side-by-side

Another example us using the Page (URL) dimension in conjunction with the Page Titles report, showing iin one list the page Titles and corresponding Page URL’s.


example of Page Titles with Page URL’s side-by-side using Dimensionator

Uses go on and on. I’m excited to add more dimensions and features to the toolbarlet as my team continues development of the tool.

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