Oh the analytics you could know . . .

In honor of the late, great Dr. Seuss’ birthday, an analytics-themed ditty:

The analytics you could know
Custom Dimensions and reports that will show
Visits, visitors and bounce rate galore
Conversion rates and multi-channel funnels
So much data that you will need to build a tunnel
to a Big Query

And queries you will make
And things you will ask
And items you will task
to your digital analytics expert who knows a lot about that.

Tags that are firing, dashboards to be built
ecommerce to be tracking, woven into a Big Data quilt
The analytics expert has thoughts of his own
Dreaming of SQL and Hadoop and on…
He sorts through piles of data and codes java script
And considers the data and its relationship
to the customers who surf the vast internet
and landing pages and the information they get

If you want to know and truly understand
Google Analytics and the power within your hand
You only need a Google log in
You don’t have to go to San Fran
Bring a computer and brains and C’mon man!
You’re off to great places
The wonderful things we will show
The analytics you will know . . .

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