How to share an Advanced Segment in Google Analytics

Just how do you share a Custom Advanced Segment in Google Analytics?

The Advanced Segments feature of Google Analytics is one of, if not the, most powerful feature of Google Analytics today. Creating segments is an easy process that allows slicing and dicing your website traffic into segments that let you look beneath the surface of the average, non-segmented data. BUT, sharing these segments from one account to another is, honestly, harder than it should be. ┬áSo, I’ve made a short video to explain the process of sharing.

How does segment sharing work?

Contrary to what I think would be intuitive, segments aren’t tied to the account under which they are created, but rather to the user login. Thus, if I created an awesome segment for a client while logged into their GA account, it wouldn’t be visible to them, even though they are logged into the same GA account using their own login.

The sharing facility of Google Analytics makes it possible to essentially “copy” a segment’s settings from one login to another login. However, this process is less than obvious to many.

So, I’ve taken a shot at creating a video that explains this process. It’s about 3 minutes long and I promise it will change your life. Well, maybe not. But it will make sharing segments easier if you’re not adept at the process.

Watch the Video

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