Marketing Lessons From the Big Easy

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It was fun to be back in the great state of Louisiana and the Big Easy. While trips to Café du Monde for beignets or the piano bar at Pat O’Brien’s are worthy destinations, we were in town for the American Marketing Association’s National Conference. The emphasis at this year’s National Conference was on growing your brand and better leveraging big data.

There was a good mixture of grand vision casting, as well as pragmatic sessions leaving attendees with tangible steps that could be implemented immediately. I would like to share a few of my takeaway’s from the conference. Hopefully, you will be as inspired as I was (and still am):

  1. Marketing is changing. – According to Rebecca Messina of The Coca-Cola Company, Marketing is no longer a function, but rather marketing is a network. Today, brand managers have to think and function like mini CEO’s of their brand, connecting various stakeholders. Data-driven marketing attribution is proving its ROI to the organization and all stakeholders.
  2. There is no substitute for creating good content and excellent face-to-face interactions with your customer. – Jonah Berger, professor at the Wharton School and author of Contagious, discussed his research supporting the benefits of creating good content.
  3. There continues to be a huge market for Data-driven marketing. – Our own Caleb Whitmore presented on the benefits of leveraging analytics to better serve customers. Web Analytics have been around since mid 1990s; Digital Analytics since 2007; Big Data since 2011. Despite this, still less than 25% of CMO’s are using data on a regular basis to make decisions.

Caleb presenting at AMA

Now that we are armed with this new content and ideas, the next step is to take action. As a company, we are challenged to create “good content” that engages all of our constituents (clients, friends, peers, etc.) with relevant detail. Our challenge is also to continue to pursue the truths that we discover in digital data in order to better serve our clients and their customers.

Despite the challenges, it is an exciting time to be in marketing and digital analytics. The world is changing. Big Data and Analytics are helping to pave the road of change. The end goal is better engagement and relevancy.


– David Sheffield


David is the Business Director at Analytics Pros. He originates from Memphis, TN and received his degree from LSU. David joined the Analytics Pros team in January of 2013.

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