Update on our Analytics Toolbar / Dimensionator

This update refers to the Dimensionator tool on our Analytics Toolbar, which is currently not functioning properly within Google Analytics and provides a temporary workaround for the most popular set of extra dimensions: DMA.

Known Issue with Dimensionator

Currently Dimensionator is not working within Google Analytics. A recent change made by Google impacted how our code interacts with the Google Analytics interface code when you activate Dimensionator and select a dimension. We are working on a fix for this, but it is proving more difficult than anticipated. Stay tuned here or follow us on Twitter for updates.

Temporary workaround for DMA

I’ve heard from a number of users that this is actually causing quite a bit of problems because they’ve come to rely on using Dimensionator to get at DMA data in particular. It’s great to hear that the tool is so useful its indispensable! I’m sorry that we don’t have a fix yet, but we are working on one.

In the mean time, there is a simple solution you can use. Simply create your own, direct bookmarklets using these three links. Just click, hold, and drag the links to your Bookmarks toolbar, then click on them when you want to activate DMA for the desired primary, secondary, or pivot dimension position.

Watch a quick Screencast Video showing how to add these direct DMA dimension links and use them within Google Analytics.

Thanks for using Dimensionator and for your patience as we work to resolve the issue!

-Caleb and the Analytics Pros team

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