Avvo - Data Import

Avvo Discovers Consumer Demand Using Data Import

Avvo has changed the landscape for consumer legal services. Through it’s online marketplace, Avvo provides consumers with access to both lawyers and legal advice, and provides lawyers a platform to reach consumers through editable profiles and tools to manage leads.

The site has detailed profiles and ratings for 95% of the U.S.’ board certified lawyers, searchable legal advice from lawyers across the U.S. and a forum to ask specific questions.

Need for Clarity

Avvo had a sophisticated understanding of its data, but a disconnect existed between the pricing of its sponsored advertising and the customer value that it offered. Ad pricing at Avvo was based more on feeling than on fact, making it difficult for the sales team to properly prove value to new prospects and implement demand-based price adjustments on existing accounts. In order to understand the value of their ads, the team set out to gain insight into consumer behavior on their site. Specifically, the team needed to understand the number of impressions and clicks on sponsored advertising positions by region and legal specialty (e.g. divorce, real estate, etc.). If consumers in a particular region spent more time exploring content or clicking on ads for a particular specialty more than others, then the value of advertising in that region for that service should be higher and the price should be increased accordingly.

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