Crafts Americana - Adobe Migration

Crafts Americana Group reduces web analytics costs by 80%, gains insight, and sees higher business impact by switching from Omniture® SiteCatalyst® to Google Analytics™

Crafts Americana Group (CAG) is one of the leading direct-to-consumer sellers of crafting materials and supplies in North America. Having started as a catalog-based mail order retailer, CAG’s online sales channel has grown exponentially in recent years. Cutting costs and pasting value Although CAG had a basic Google Analytics implementation alongside their SiteCatalyst implementation, they weren’t sure that Google Analytics could meet their complex requirements. These included analyzing the effect of internal promotions on purchases through the lens of their online and offline campaign codes and customer segment codes. However, while undergoing a global analytics strategy review, the CAG team agreed that costs for their paid vendor had reached an uncomfortable level and key reporting requirements were not being met. Management pressed for investigation of a Google Analytics solution before renewing their existing vendor, and so they turned to Analytics Pros, a Google Analytics Certified Partner, to assist with this process. “With the help of the Analytics Pros team, the move to Google Analytics has been an excellent decision. The budget previously spent on fees to our paid vendor is being invested in training, data analysis, and taking action on what we learn, which is where the money is made.” — Mike Wakeland, CTO, Crafts Americana Group

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