GreaterGood - Implementation

The GreaterGood is a family of cause-based sites that harness the power of the Internet to help people, pets, and the planet. GreaterGood started with one simple idea: take the action everyone does every day—clicking on a website—and turn it into a force for good. Their first venture, The Hunger Site, launched in 1999. Sponsors paid to have their ads viewed on The Hunger Site’s thank-you page; each click was recorded and generated sponsor funds. Those funds went directly to charity to provide food for people in need.

While GreaterGood began with free-click sponsorship campaigns, they now have multiple tools across their network of websites that allow individuals to become a part of the Force for Good; they’re an e-retailer with a large network of affiliate partners and/or marketers. The proceeds from these sales are donated directly to charity or include a charitable contribution made at the time of purchase.

Need to Scale

GreaterGood had a data architecture that offered some basic insights about their business but that architecture was not scalable and, therefore, wouldn’t meet their new and aggressive business goals. With multiple digital properties, GreaterGood was unable to easily produce rollup reporting across their assets or evaluate financial data by property.

GreaterGood enlisted Analytics Pros to perform a reimplementation of Google Analytics and to reorganize their data model. This work allowed GreaterGood to have the data scalability to meet their current business needs but also to rapidly deploy consistent data modeling to new properties they acquire in the future, all with very little effort.

Enhancing the Affiliate Experience

Another challenge faced by GreaterGood was that their revenue data from Google Analytics and Enhanced Ecommerce did not match their back-end financial systems. In fact, transactions only matched 10–15% of the time. This was an issue because they knew what money was coming in but they didn’t have a simple way to attribute those funds to appropriate channels for reporting back to affiliates. The only way for the finance team to attribute revenue to specific channels involved a large effort each month with multiple work-around steps for each channel. This reporting only allowed an affiliate to see their revenue at the end of the month, which did not include commission or product information.

GreaterGood enlisted Analytics Pros to address their Ecommerce data not matching. Through a re-implementation of Google Analytics, the implementation of the Sheets add-on for Google Analytics, and a custom measurement protocol, GreaterGood achieved a 97% match-rate between their GA and financial data that allowed for direct attribution down to the individual affiliate. Additionally, the Sheets add-on allowed GreaterGood to automate the reports they were spending excessive hours composing each month.

Additional Transparency

In addition to being able to accurately attribute sales to specific channels and affiliates, GreatedGood wanted to provide an experience for their partners that would encourage them to continue being a Force for Good. GreaterGood wanted to offer their affiliates live reporting on revenue, commissions, and traffic to their individual web stores in real-time. To meet these objectives, Analytics Pros developed a custom portal that each affiliate could access at any time to view real-time transaction information for their products.