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Installing Google Tag Manager in your CMS – HubSpot, Squarespace, and others

    In recent years some fantastic content management and publishing platforms, both commercial and free, have come to market. I’m using one right now to publish this post: WordPress. Hopefully you use one for your site as well. (Side note: If you don’t use one, talk to your tech folks – you really should be.

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The Eye of Bocce – Measuring Bocce Ball with Google Universal Analytics

Digital analytics has changed. Drastically. No longer are we limited to measuring a website or mobile app – we can truly measure just about anything. To prove that point, today we are measuring the great game of Bocce Ball. That’s right, gleeful Opticon attendees will enjoy the favorite pastime of elderly Italian gentleman on a

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The Truth in the Shadows

Hello, my name is Tim, and I’m a recovering wall starer. No doubt you have heard the story of Plato’s Cave. The ancient allegory that depicts imprisoned men chained with their backs to a fire, unable to see anything but the shadows of reality that dance on the walls of the cave. You may recall

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The Magic of Big Data Is Not Magic At All

I’m at the American Marketing Association’s 2014 Analytics with Purpose conference in San Diego today. I’ll be speaking this afternoon on understanding customer needs with digital analytics. This morning, I’m attending sessions, which started with the keynote by Mark Earls, author of I’ll Have what She’s Having: Mapping Social Behavior.  This was one of the

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