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Understanding the Google Analytics API

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Google Analytics is generally viewed as a tool that is, after the initial implementation, controlled and read from the web user interface. An average user can definitely be satisfied with all the reports and configuration options inside the web user interface, but Google Analytics has a lot more to offer through its API. What is

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Capture the Full HTTP Referrer in Google Analytics with a “Hit Referrer” Custom Dimension

This post is inspired by a discussion I had recently on the Google Analytics forum. In Google Analytics there is a dimension for “referral path” and even “full referrer,” however the shortcoming of both these dimensions is that they only provide the Path of the referrer—no query strings. When analysis calls for details of a

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hybris Extension for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

We’re excited to announce that Analytics Pros has developed a Google Tag Manager / Google Analytics extension for hybris. hybris is an enterprise multichannel e-commerce platform, used by some of the world’s leading companies such as Levi’s, 3M, ASICS, Samsung and Oakley. The extension enables hybris users to easily implement core and enhanced e-commerce tracking in a matter of

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