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From GA I-Quit to GA IQ-Certified

With sweaty palms and racing heart, I walked in to my first day on the job at Analytics Pros. As a self-proclaimed “non-techy” person, I’d done my homework on my new employer and understood the basics of what Google Analytics were and why we were Pros at analyzing digital data. Five minutes into my first

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How To Track Responsive Websites


My illustrious colleague Charles Farina wrote a great post about the importance of mobile design recently when he asked the question, are you analyzing your mobile traffic correctly? I wanted to follow along and give some pointers on how you can get this done and provide you with some useful resources. Many companies are turning to responsive

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The Eye of Bocce – Measuring Bocce Ball with Google Universal Analytics

Digital analytics has changed. Drastically. No longer are we limited to measuring a website or mobile app – we can truly measure just about anything. To prove that point, today we are measuring the great game of Bocce Ball. That’s right, gleeful Opticon attendees will enjoy the favorite pastime of elderly Italian gentleman on a

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