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Real-time testing Google Tag Manager rules with Google Analytics reports

I was inspired by a discussion over on the Google Tag Manager forum to write up a method I’ve been using for testing Google Tag Manager rules in real-time. The method uses Google Analytics’ real-time reporting feature paired with a specially formatted tracking hit fired into Google Analytics. Video: Real-Time Testing Google Tag Manager Here’s

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Strategic Digital Analytics: A Framework for Success

Three Buzzwords That Mean Something Strategic.  Digital.  Analytics.  Three buzzwords that on their own are over-used but, when strung together, actually mean something.  I’ve been working in the www/.com/web/online/internet/interactive/web 2.0/digital/whatever-it’s-called-next space for 13 years now, with the last 7 deeply focused on measurement and analytics of what we’re (for now) calling “digital.” When it comes

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Q&A: When Campaign Tracking Does Not Work

Here’s built from a question posed on the Google Analytics Support Forum. Question: Direct and Referral Traffic Doesn’t Add Up For Campaigns [info] I’ve been running Google analytics for several months and was particularly monitoring referral traffic after running several non-google ad campaigns via Facebook and LinkedIn. The results appeared pretty disappointing until I discovered

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