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Dimensionator is Dead, but DMA lives in the New GA

Geographic analysis in Google Analytics is one of the most useful features.  However, reporting based on “city” can be very misleading because it is too narrow.  Likewise, reporting by “region” (State, in the US) is too broad.  Google Analytics lacks Zip Code resolution, so what’s left?  It would be great if Google Analytics reported by

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Two Key Takeaways from eMetrics & GAUGE San Francisco 2012

First, let me say that the eMetrics and GAUGE conferences in San Francisco were incredible.  There were great keynotes, informative sessions, actionable round-table discussions and intriguing conversations with peers in the industry.  I would highly recommend anyone who analyzes data to attend eMetrics.  And if your job allows you to touch Google Analytics at any

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Why attend GAUGE

[info]This post is republished from the GAUGE blog at[/info] I was recently emailing with a client who was asking about attending GAUGE.  His question was simply “is GAUGE worth it?”  Which got me thinking – is it?  Why attend GAUGE out of all the other conferences out there?  I have answer that begins with

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