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Search Engine Optimization and Structured Data

Here are four things digital marketing departments should know about SEO and structured data. But before you start reading, let’s ask this question: Who should read this post? The answer is digital marketers, analysts, content strategists and web developers who want to improve the effectiveness of their company’s online marketing. If you are a technically

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Mobile User Experience Best Practices a Top Priority for Google

Google is stepping up its push for best practices in mobile user experience. This has implications for Search Engine Optimization and Analytics. Here are two recent developments: Google now puts a “Mobile-friendly” label on mobile search results when sites are formatted for mobile device. Could Google start adding a “Mobile-not-so-much” label to results for sites

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Will Search Engine Optimization Survive the Google (not provided) Keyword Blackout? (Part 1 of 2)

Mark McLaren is Senior Search Marketing Strategist at Analytics Pros. In this two-part series he unpacks the Google (not provided) keyword blackout and gives advice on how to keep your SEO efforts afloat. Search engine giant Google is now blocking 100% of the organic keyword referrer information it used to let webmasters, marketers and search

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