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About Analytics Pros

Our Roots

Analytics Pros was founded by Caleb Whitmore in 2009 with a vision to create a consultancy focused around a core of Google’s web analytics products: Google Analytics and Urchin (Google Analytics’ predecessor). As the years have progressed this initial idea has expanded to a mission to help narrow the distance between our clients and their customers using digital analytics. Since its inception, Analytics Pros worked with hundreds of clients globally to develop strategies for digital analytics and optimization, implement Google Analytics standard and premium, deploy and maintain Google Tag Manager, analyze data using Tableau Software and other tools, develop and run optimization programs, and founded two conferences: GAUGE and BEST Practices.

Located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA, we are a team of uber-geeks, data lovers, and strategic thinkers that love nothing more than to find helpful insights within piles of data. In 2012 we helped our clients measure and analyze 11,200,000,000 (that’s right, 11.2 billion!) digital sessions – not bad, not bad at all. As we enter 2015, we are actively helping our client base collect and analyze over 50 billion digital interactions per month.

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  • Caleb Whitmore

    Founder & Principal Consultant, Chairman

  • Charlotte Whitmore

    CMO, Vice-Chair

  • Vicki O’Meara

    President & CEO

  • Tim Waldron


  • Dan Rowe

    Director of Analytics

  • Sam Briesemeister

    Principal Engineer

  • Nathan Burke

    Director of Marketing

  • Elle Poole

    Director of Account Management

  • Dani Walter

    Account Manager

  • James Lorence

    Manager, Web Analytics Development

  • Charles Farina

    Manager, Digital Analytics

  • Justin Goodman

    Lead, Digital Analytics

  • Kevin Hoyt

    Business Development Director

  • Danielle Bradford

    Account Manager

  • Luka Cempre

    Software Developer

  • Jeremy Dillow

    Software Developer in Analytics Integration

  • Jeremy Echols

    Digital Analyst

  • Rachael Guthrie

    Account Coordinator

  • Erik Hykal

    Account Manager

  • Zachary Johns

    Paid Marketing Analyst

  • Matt Johnson

    Technical Writer

  • Ellie Kozlowski

    Digital Analyst

  • Vincent Lee

    Mobile Analytics Developer

  • Mark McLaren

    Senior Search & Analytics Strategist

  • Jacob Shafer

    Software Developer - Analytics Integration

  • Jen Smidt

    Office Manager

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