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Our Approach to Digital Analytics

The Analytics Pros Premium ApproachGoogle Analytics, like any enterprise class tool, is powerful and complex, requiring extensive planning and preparation to execute effectively. When you begin the process of website measurement and optimization with us, you can be sure that we will build your platform right, from the ground up, with your company’s precise needs in mind.

In order to ensure proper planning and effective outcomes, Analytics Pros has developed a proprietary model for building a strategically driven web analytics program aligned with your business objectives. It’s tailored for each client to drive increased revenues and profits and contains six components across three major phases.

We begin with your business objectives and end with the insights and answers you need to help you achieve your goals. The following is a breakdown of our unique Analytics Planning Lifecycle.

The Three Phases

Our engagement with you will begin with a Strategy & Planning phase that focuses on asking the right questions about how people interact with your digital properties. Then, as we move into the Implementation phase, we’ll build a custom configuration plan to help you deploy a tracking solution that provides you with actionable insights. Finally, we’ll enter the Analysis & Optimization phase in which we’ll start gathering all of the insights you need to answer your business questions and optimize your properties.

The Analytics Pros approach to web analytics is designed to ensure you will receive data that is actionable, interesting and accurate.