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Analytics Engine version 1.0

Analytics Engine was “product zero” at Analytics Pros, conceived at the outset of the company and launched in 2009.  While Analytics Engine persists in a custom-deployed, enterprise version, the legacy “version 1.0″ of Analytics Engine has reached retirement.

For our users, we hope that you have enjoyed and benefited from use of this free service, however, sadly, we will have retired Analytics Engine version 1 due to changes in Google’s App Engine platform that will render the old platform inoperable.  Once these changes take effect, which may be as early as July 6th, 2015, your installation of Analytics Engine will cease to operate.  Should you make no changes to your site to migrate off this legacy platform, users may encounter 404 errors when accessing your site and your Google Analytics dataset may be affected due to the loss of data generated by Analytics Engine.

Why is this happening?

The original Analytics Engine application that Analytics Pros developed in 2009 runs on top of Google’s App Engine platform. This legacy App Engine application is configured to use a service (named Master/Service Datastore) that Google will be shutting down soon. Google published detailed information about this here. As a result, Analytics Pros will be deprecating the affected legacy “v1” distribution of Analytics Engine.

What is the effect of this product sunset?

Should you make no changes, as stated above, your end users might encounter 404 errors as soon as July 6, 2015 because requests to load the Analytics Engine code may stop being serviced by the legacy application. There are other considerations as well. Due to the way Analytics Engine automates certain types of Google Analytics tracking, variances in your Google Analytics reports are likely to occur.

What action is needed, if any?

Our systems indicate that the Analytics Engine tag is still deployed in your website.  You will need to remove the legacy Analytics Engine tag in order to avoid potential interruptions to your user experience that could be caused by the JavaScript include receiving a 404 “not found” response.

What are my options to not lose any data collection?

With the sunset of the legacy version of Analytics Engine, you still have many options for collecting the same or similar sets of data.  These include:

  1. Consider upgrading to our newer, enterprise version of Analytics Engine, complete with many enhancements that include customized data sets, automation of dataLayers, and many additional advanced integrations.  Simply reply to this email if you’d like to evaluate this option.

  2. Deploy Google Tag Manager, Google’s Tag Management System.  Introduced in 2011, GTM is capable of producing Event Tracking hits just like the legacy Analytics Engine, and has many other benefits and capabilities.  If you need assistance with a deployment or enhancement of Google Tag Manager, our services team can help – just reach out!

  3. Try out SkyGlue, a competing product (yep, we like competition!).  SkyGlue has some similar capabilities as our Analytics Engine and Google’s Tag Manager and may be a suitable alternative for you. While we can’t help you with a migration to this platform, we thought it’s worth noting as an option for you to consider.

Wait a minute – what’s the backstory here?

We initially built Analytics Engine in 2009 as a first-in-market analytics automation platform for Google Analytics.  Since its launch, AE has been leveraged by thousands of companies worldwide to enhance Google Analytics with effortless event tracking automation. In more recent years, we have shifted our focus to an enterprise version of Analytics Engine, as well as the release of many open-source projects in our labs, leaving the legacy 1.0 version of Analytics Engine running happily ever after… until, that is, the cloud changed.

Why aren’t you just upgrading your systems so there is no impact?

That’s a great question.  The answer gets a bit technical, but in short, it’s just not practical in light that we have our enterprise edition (which is not free, by the way), and plentiful free alternatives (like Google Tag Manager or SkyGlue).  We’d love to continue providing a solution to you through our enterprise platform or through services to get Google Tag Manager properly implemented and data flowing.

If you want the technical details, App Engine is configured to use a service (named Master/Service Datastore) that Google will be shutting down soon. Google produced detailed information about this, which is published here.  A change to accommodate this would require changes to how the AE tag is implemented on your site, so it’s not a win either way.

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