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Whether you’re just starting to leverage data and analytics or you have a fully-staffed and mature in-house team, we can tailor training programs to suit your needs. We offer onsite and customized trainings in addition to our executive coaching program.

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Is your organization trying to better understand your Google Analytics data?

Our trainings cover all things Google Analytics, tailored to meet your needs. We’ve covered interface and standard reports, advanced segmentation, goals and events, attribution modeling, inbound marketing, regional behavior and performance, property and view settings, and common roadblocks within the Google Analytics platform.

Our trainings include:

  • Google Analytics. Learn everything from how to create a Google Analytics account, to understanding acquiring users and analyzing their behavior, to applying advanced segmentation in order to better understand your users and how to better engage them. All levels of proficiency are welcome.
  • Google Tag Manager. Acquire skills to understand how Google Tag Manager can benefit your analytics implementation. We also cover how to install virtually any other third party tag on your website.
  • BigQuery. Learn how to query your data outside of Google Analytics, as well as being able to take your GA data and merge it with data sources outside of Google Analytics.
  • Data Studio. Take your data out of basic tables and give it life. Present your insights in a unique way that tells the story of your organization and your users. Build reports and charts that are beautiful and functional.
  • Optimize. Take your website or app to the next level! Learn how to run tests so you know you’re always reaching users in the most effective way.

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