Analytics Audit

Is your data reliable? Are you double-tagging sources? Attributing your conversions incorrectly? With an analytics audit we uncover inconsistencies and key areas missing from your Google Analytics implementation. After evaluating the integrity of your data we identify areas for improvement, ensuring you move your business forward with data you can trust.

Establish trust in your data.

Features & Benefits

  • Receive a comprehensive audit report that details everything you need to correct and fully leverage your Google Analytics and your tag management system!
  • Assurance of application of best practices including removing internal traffic, cleaning URLs, and more

  • Identification of different types of insights and analysis you could and should be tracking about your campaigns, experiences, and users

Services Provided

Analytics Audit

We find out: What’s wrong? What could be fixed? What isn’t being done? Then we lay out a roadmap for how to bring a greater degree of trust to your data collection.

Organizational & Data Governance Audit

Data Integrity is essential to being a data-driven organization. Data governance is key to data integrity. We interview key stakeholders and evaluate your existing implementation, evaluating your organization’s use of data, the trustworthiness of that data, and the level of internal integration across your organization.

Real-Time Alerts

We have a variety of alerting tools to let you know in real-time when issues or opportunities present themselves. Would you like to know in real-time when your content is going viral or if there is an issue on your site impacting conversions? We can help!

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