Dashboards & Reporting

Take your data-driven decision making to a much higher level, understanding quickly and easily how you are performing against your objectives. When you can start telling great stories with your data, you can make better business decisions. Regular reporting drives insights and action.

Bring your data to life with dashboards and reporting.

Features & Benefits

A great set of data is just the start. Dashboards and reports bring your data to life. The increasing complexity and collection of data makes dashboarding even more critical than ever. Quickly and easily understanding how you are performing against your objectives is always important. A dashboard will do just that. Once you know where you stand, having a regular cadence of reports helps you drive analysis and action.

Dashboarding and Reporting includes:

  • Strategy. We always start with strategy. Together we define your business objectives and identify KPIs so we are sure to track the right data with your company’s end goals in mind.
  • Connection to Data Sources. Our team is able to support almost any data source connection. Whether there is a native connector available with our dashboard tools or the data is only accessible from an API, we’re able to connect different data sources and then extract, transform, and load the data to fit your reporting needs.
  • Data Collection or Implementation. If data is not yet available, the data collection is then outlined and confirmed in place or an implementation is done. Again, this ensures we are reporting on the best data that clearly articulates the answer to each of your business questions.
  • Dashboarding Tools. We are partnered with Tableau and are Google Data Studio certified. Our team can also build custom web dashboards using the latest technologies such as d3js.

Services Provided


Easily and securely connect to data, then visualize and create interactive, shareable dashboards. Any Excel user can learn it and satisfy even the most complex analytical problems.

Data Studio 360

Beautiful, informative reports that are easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable. Informative stores. Better business decisions.

Real-Time & Custom Visualizations

Uniquely track the right data with your company’s end goals in mind. We tailor dashboards and visualize the data to drive specialized insights and actions. Try one of our real-time Google Analytics dashboards to see an example of our capabilities!

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