Analytics Enhancement Toolkit

We are working every day to uncover new ways to make your data more accurate and actionable. The Analytics Enhancement Toolkit is a suite of tools that take any analytics implementation and identify deeper insights into your customers. Whether you’re optimizing their experience or tracking important interactions, this toolkit will help you dig deeper.

Pushing the boundaries of analytics.

Tools in the Analytics Enhancement Toolkit:

Visible Impressions™

If you’re not sure if a user has seen your ad, product, or promotion, they probably haven’t. Leverage Visible Impressions to understand what your users are actually viewing and optimize the best real estate space on your site.

BigQuery Table Flattener™

Make sure your Google Analytics data is ready when you are. BigQuery Table Flattener provides the best solution for preparing GA data for integration with any other dataset.



Enhanced Video Tracker™

What role do videos play in your user’s journey? Enhanced Video Tracker gives you the ability to understand user engagement with video content beyond just play and pause. With this information in hand, you can create content to better reach new and loyal audiences.



Engagement Timer™

Engaged users spend more money, share more articles, and click on more ads. But how do you find these engaged users? Engagement Timer reveals this valuable set of users, allowing easy segmentation to understand who they are, where they come from, and what they’re most interested in.



Experiment Tracker™

Take your optimization efforts to new heights with an enhanced ability to analyze experiment results. With Experiment Tracker, you can leverage your full GA dataset to segment test variations and see the full journey of users.


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Setting your business up with the Analytics Enhancement Toolkit gives you full access to any of the tools included. Select any/all tools based on your needs. Implementation included.

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