Insights & Action Toolkit

You’ve collected, analyzed, formed opinions, and now it’s time to act! With an investment in your organization’s analytics you have an opportunity predict and visualize data and insight in more and more appropriate ways. The Insights & Actions toolkit enhances your business and, especially, your customer relations.

There is no greater waste of resources than to invest in analytics and take no action.

Tools in the Insights & Action Toolkit:

Dashboard Portal™

Avoid data exhaustion by helping your teams cut through the noise and see visualizations of only the data that’s important to them. No need to train your users on how to find the right report.  Your users login, and their report is ready for them.

Trend Spotter™

Get ahead of the curve to identify your customer’s needs sooner. By predicting trends in user interest using your real-time data, Trend Spotter can give you the behavioral insights you need to better inform content creation, product placement, and marketing strategies.



Celebration Dashboard™

Make your data come alive! By visualizing your business successes in real-time, this dashboard can be put on display in your office to engage and inspire the whole company.



Map Dashboard™

Your websites and apps reach users all over the country and world. By visualizing the geography of your active users, your teams can see their marketing campaigns and product releases light up the world map in real time. Side effects may include a more data-curious and data-driven culture.


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Included in Bundle

Setting your business up with the Insights & Action Toolkit gives you full access to any of the tools included. Select any/all tools based on your needs. Implementation included.

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