Google Analytics Premium

Google Analytics Premium is designed for companies and teams that are truly interested in harnessing digital analytics. Premium takes the robust data engine that is standard in Google Analytics and soups it up with features that matter deeply to data-driven teams – unsampled data, raw data with BigQuery integration, 200 custom dimensions and metrics, a 4-hour data freshness guarantee, and a rock-solid SLA (just to name a few).

We’ve worked with companies like GoPro, World Surf League,,, Yelp, BoomTown, and many others. Our work helping clients measure their platforms, audiences, and behaviors—to the tune of tens of billions of hits monthly—has enabled them to grow their businesses using digital insights gathered from Google Analytics Premium, while having a partner that innovates as fast as they do.

What Differentiates Google Analytics Premium from Google Analytics Standard?

Google Analytics Premium is an enhanced version of the Google Analytics product with greater scale, more power and features, an SLA and data guarantees, and a comprehensive set of services included in the solution. Premium affords a complete solution for a flat, consistent level of investment and insane scalability without incurring additional costs. With 1 billion hits per month as the base tier for Premium and the ability to add virtually unlimited sites, we believe the platform will provide a solution for scaling to meet your needs now and well into the future.

Our Google Analytics Premium Clients

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