Google Analytics Training

Is your organization trying to better understand your Google Analytics data?

Our Google Analytics training process is very thorough. We customize our trainings to work best for you and your organization’s needs. We offer onsite trainings, webinar trainings and or local trainings onsite at our Seattle office.

Our trainings cover all things Google Analytics, tailored to meet your organizations needs including:

Interface and Standard Reports

  • Standard reports that will help your marketing teams better understand their channels performance whether it be paid media (SEM), SEO, Email, Social or Display. Standard reports also include your top landing pages, your top performing landing pages and even pages on your site that may be bottlenecking visitors. Standard reports can unlock key information your business needs to make important digital decisions

Advanced Segments

  • We will help your organization set up specific segments so you can focus your efforts on a variety of more complex data points. Google Analytics can help you understand the path to conversion. How many times are users coming to your site before converting, how are they getting their, what are they doing on your site and what flows are consistent in helping the users complete your conversion funnel process. With advanced segments you can create these paths and focus reporting, optimization and marketing efforts to increase performance on more advanced dimensions and metrics.

Goals and Events

Are you tracking video views, downloadable content, registrations or online product sales? Do your teams know where to access this information within Google Analytics? Custom goals and events can provide key insights on how your marketing efforts are performing. With this information, better business decisions can be made.

Attribution Modeling

  • How are people finding your site? What channels are leading to conversion. Conversion of a sale or lead can often take multiple site visits from a variety of traffic sources and mediums. Our Google Analytics training will help your teams understand your customers journey and attribute these conversions to the proper channels

Inbound Marketing

  • Beyond standard reports we can ensure your data is collected properly within Google Analytics. We will train your team Email, Social or paid media marketing teams on how best to use Google Analytics to understand campaign performance.
  • Account linking & data analysis (Google AdWords / Google Search Console)

Remarketing and Audiences

  • Building custom audiences to use in remarketing efforts

Regional Behavior and Performance

  • Is geo important to your business? Do you know what countries, cities or states are most impactful to your business? Google Analytics can provide a variety of information at the geographical level to help you better understand your customers

Property and View Settings 

  • We can help you set up new views and properties whether it be to isolate your blog or store site from your core content website. We will help you verify that you are looking at the right data in the most efficient environment.

Common Roadblocks

  • Is your team running into challenges when using Google Analytics – We provide a simple questionnaire for your team to review before training begins. The questionnaire will isolate any common challenges, help us understand how your team currently uses Google Analytics, isolate any common challenges and surface common roadblocks that are minimizing Google Analytics capabilities.

There are many other areas for Google Analytics training that can help your business better use Google Analytics. Our questionnaire and custom training process will help formulate a training program that best aligns with your organizational needs.

Contact us today or learn more about our services including Google Analytics Audit, SEO, SEM, implementation support, custom reporting, Google Analytics Premium and more today.