Mobile App Tracking and Analytics

It’s no longer a question about wanting to know how your mobile app is performing. You need to know how you mobile app is performing. We do app tracking on any device—including tablet and mobile.

Did you know that mobile users are spending an average of 37 hours each month in app—that is a 63% increase quarter over quarter. There are a plethora of mobile apps, from subscription services to dating and payment apps, to finance, travel, and transportation apps. The ability to measure mobile activity has never been greater, or more important. Understanding mobile user behavior not only allows you to optimize your marketing efforts, you can also optimize your user experience. But you can’t do this without accurate data. That’s where we come in.

Do you want to learn more about mobile app tracking and analytics? This blog post on the who, what, when, where, and why of mobile analytics is a great place to start!

Mobile App Analytics

Google Analytics is more than just web analytics—it’s really about tracking how visitors interact with content, on the web and on mobile—both for iOS applications and for Android applications..

Google Analytics and Google Analytics Premium allow you to track mobile user behavior with ever-growing sophistication. Whether you’re tracking unique users, pageviews, or ecommerce events in your mobile app, Google Analytics has the capacity to help you better understand user behavior and then optimize that user experience.

At Analytics Pros we have successfully implemented Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager on iOS and Android applications that serve millions of users every day. Mobile implementations allow analysts to get a detailed overview of what is happening inside their company’s application. With it it is possible to answer questions like:

  • How much time users are spending in the app?
  • How many users are using the application?
  • What screens are most popular?