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Google Analytics Audit

We don’t just take a look at whether you have the tags installed on every page; our experts dig deeper, looking at your data using special algorithms and pattern analysis to understand how your data is getting tracked and what key areas are missing from Google Analytics. Our comprehensive approach looks at many different data points and dimensions to find all the culprits keeping you from trusting your data.


Our audit will help you…

  • Establish trust in your data
  • Ensure you know how things are setup and what, if anything, is broken
  • Identify what’s needed to improve your analytics
  • Gain confidence in the story your Google Analytics data tells


During the audit we will…

  • Check your internal data integrity
  • Scan and validate your on-page tagging
  • Review Google Analytics configurations and settings (think: filters, goals, other settings)
  • Determine the delta between how you’re using GA now vs. how you could use it best
  • Paint a vivid picture of any problems within your existing and historical data


Our audit process is very thorough, time and battle-tested over hundreds of audits, and is constantly refined by our team. The audit process contains five key steps.

  1. First, we lead an initial stakeholder review meeting (remotely conducted) to discuss your overall business objectives, walk through the audit subject website, hear about the history of the subject GA account, and gather known data requirements and known issues. We record these findings for the foundation of our comparison and analysis when auditing.
  2. Next, we conduct a profile and data audit, covering dozens of points of analysis where we leverage data and settings within your existing Google Analytics profile and dataset to check for core data integrity (user & session cookies remain intact throughout the user experience) or lack thereof, where break points may source from, as well as other data anomalies that are signs of implementation problems or external factors that adversely impact GA data.
  3. After conducting the internal data audit we run an external scan on the site using our platform partner, ObservePoint. OP’s technology allows us to capture a front-end view of the tags running across your environment, identify pages that are missing tags, have malformed tags, or rogue tags, check tag position, loading speed, and many more data points. This “outside-in” approach after the “inside-out” analysis yields a much more comprehensive picture of overall implementation and data quality state than simply running an automated tagging scan alone.
  4. Following auditing the implementation we review account and profile settings for the profile in focus of the audit. We look for mis-configured filters, goals and other settings and evaluate missed opportunities for how GA is used vs. what’s possible and recommended for your business.
  5. Once the internal and external checks are completed, we put together our findings into an Audit Review document that scores the overall implementation, highlights key findings, and goes into in-depth detail on all findings from the audit. The document also provides recommendations at a high level for resolving identified problems.

Making sure you have reliable, trustworthy data is paramount. Without confidence in your data, any analysis and insights are essentially useless. Our team of experts have audited thousands of Google Analytics implementations over the years and know the pitfalls of an error-prone implementation. When you hire Analytics Pros to perform an analytics audit, we’ll review your implementation and help you make sure you have a plan for getting data you can rely on.

Depending on the size and scale of your organization, we can provide audits that help address known tactical issues, ensure your customized implementation is running properly, and address strategic implementation objectives.

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