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Google Analytics Audit

Making sure you have reliable, trustworthy data is paramount. Without confidence in your data, any analysis and insights are essentially useless. Our team of experts have audited thousands of Google Analytics implementations over the years and know the pitfalls of an error-prone implementation. When you hire Analytics Pros to perform an analytics audit, we’ll review your implementation and help you make sure you have a plan for getting data you can rely on.

Our Analytics Audits are One Part Art. One Part Science. Completely Comprehensive. 

We don’t just take a look at whether you have the tags installed on every page; our experts dig deeper, looking at your data using special algorithms and pattern analysis to understand how your data is getting tracked and what key areas are missing from Google Analytics. Our comprehensive approach looks at many different data points and dimensions to find all the culprits keeping you from trusting your data.

Every audit done by an Analytics Pros expert includes the following:

  • Business goals and objectives review
  • Automated inspection of your data
  • Manual review of profiles and code for common configuration errors
  • Findings review to explain outcomes
  • Post-audit consulting for help with the implementation

Depending on the size and scale of your organization, we can provide audits that help address known tactical issues, ensure your customized implementation is running properly, and address strategic implementation objectives.

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