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Search Engine Optimization Programs

Analytics Pros designs ongoing Search Engine Optimization programs based on your business goals, your available resources and (typically) the results of our Search Engine Optimization Audit.

We work with in-house marketing and web teams on SEO in the same way we work with teams to grow their knowledge and skills with Google Analytics. We strive to make your SEO team as efficient and results-oriented as possible, and we show you how to use Google Analytics to deliver and report those results to stakeholders.

An Example of Ongoing SEO Services for an In-house Team

The following is a sample outline of an SEO Program for an in-house team of marketers, developers, content creators and webmasters new to Search Engine Optimization:

  1. Monitoring and Reporting SEO Traffic (Impressions, Click-throughs, Bounce Rate, Time on Site, Page Views, Conversions)
  2. Monitoring and Reporting Keyword Rankings
  3. Research, Identification of, and Support Building In-bound Links
  4. Current SEO Capabilities, Insights and Optimizations
  5. Support and instruction for in-house team to thoroughly understand scope of SEO Audit

Building your In-house SEO Team Skills

Analytics Pros strives to inform and empower in-house teams to gradually assume responsibility for SEO activities. The in-house team will do the following:

  1. Participate in and own Audit implementation.
  2. Gain knowledge and ability to demonstrate ROI of SEO to stakeholders.
  3. Gain ability to optimize new content on the website.

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