Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager, provides one very important thing – consolidated control. When combined with a properly-configured dataLayer, it goes even further, providing you with the equivalent of a remote tracking command center. And we therefore love it deeply.

Tag management has been a source of pain for our clients for years. Every time someone has wanted to track something new, they have had to prepare the tag and then ask the development team to load it onto the page – which could sometimes take weeks.

Google Tag Manager, on the other hand, now enables control of multiple tags remotely through a single container on your site. From within GTM you can create the tags, determine the rules for when those tags fire and then place them. The dataLayer then operates as your catchers mitt, collecting that important data and pushing it into Google Analytics for your reporting pleasure.

Read our GoPro tag management case study on the Google Analytics blog.

Like Google Analytics overall, the premise of GTM is simple. When implemented well it will dramatically reduce the time it takes to manage tags. But it is important to roll it out carefully. We are encountering a growing number of companies who have raced forward excitedly, only to miss an important planning step and end up with inaccurate data. Map your needs, your existing tags, and how you plan to track – and call us if you need help.