Web Optimization & Testing

Whether you’re a B2B company looking to increase leads and engagement, or you’re an e-commerce business looking to optimize conversion rates for your products, you want to give your customers and users a great experience. The best way to do this is with careful analysis of your web or mobile data. Analysis and data are great—but without action they are just numbers. Each analytics insight creates a potential action, and our testing and optimization services help you take those actions in a controlled, careful and data-based manner.

Website Optimization 101

We often discuss the fact that site changes should be made with a scalpel instead of a sledgehammer. If the data isn’t good and you know that people are leaving, don’t just blow the whole thing up; carefully start to assess what you can do to improve the experience. Those tests might lead you towards a radically different website, but it will be a site that has been tested, confirmed and tested again.

We can assist with every step of the process – from analyzing your data for specific areas of improvement to developing your testing plan to conducting the test. We work in partnership with Optimizely and CrazyEgg, two fantastic resources for conducting seamless A/B testing.

If you’re interested in expanding your website optimization knowledge, read our blog post on Lead Generation Landing Page Strategy for Paid Search.

Testing for Web & Mobile

Our approach builds a foundation for a testing program that can extend to include mobile apps as well as web. When the iOS team is ready to add optimization testing to its process the proposed program can support efficient integration into the process. Paired with an Optimizely enterprise version contract, there will be no additional platform costs to begin testing on mobile when the timing is right.

Our testing solutions deliver a comprehensive, managed service for establishing and growing an A/B and Multivariate testing program for your digital platforms. The solutions include:

  • A fully managed optimization program, including the resources necessary to identify, plan, build, run, and analyze A/B and multivariate tests
  • A defined and managed process for getting tests from start to finish
  • A continuous approach to running tests, allowing tests to be prioritized and conducted flexibly–with simpler, faster tests moving through quickly, and larger, more complex tests being completed thoroughly with sufficient time—without creating waste in resource usage
  • Options for different levels of bandwidth to accommodate a leaner testing program or something with greater capacity to conduct many concurrent tests

Deep, Analysis-Driven Testing & Insights

Being analytics pros we couldn’t do optimization testing without a heavy reliance on data. Testing is inherently data centric, however our process takes this further by integrating Optimizely and Google Analytics Premium.

This integration affords us an ability to:

  • Identify and design tests using data as a key factor in determining prioritization for testing and potential value for identified tests
  • Gain a complete, 360 degree picture into the impact of a test on the entire user experience and customer lifecycle through analyzing user-centric traffic source, user behavior, segmentation, content consumption, conversion and commerce data

Telling the Story of Optimization

Last but not least, one key benefit of the services we will provide encompasses post-test analysis and insights. At the conclusion of each test, our team will prepare an analysis summarizing test hypothesis and results as well as insights from the 360 degree view afforded by analytics integration. Not only will we explain the direct impact of the test, we will tell the story of the data and the customers behind the test, delivering a wider-angle understanding of how to advance your digital platform.